Tilda Williams-Kelly

MUSE, MAKER is a connective series of oil paintings of three Scotland-based artists. Photographed in diverse climates, immersed with the land, they emerge from their woodland / windy / rainy / sunshiny surroundings, embodying the beauty of Scottish landscape and natural light. Blending classic and contemporary style, Tilda is making space for black women as subjects, in a traditionally European standardised field, and as creators themselves. Conveying the necessity in uplifting one another, she looks to community as sources of inspiration and strength. Tilda offers you an insight to, the often overlooked, magnitude of power that black women wield. The models are Suzanne, mother of the artist and oil painter; Sekai, mentor and photographer; and Kaya, friend and burgeoning artist. Tilda’s love of classical oil painting is presented in her chosen narrative as she uses backgrounds as signifiers of individuality, she subverts the gaze and asks the viewer to consider these artists as multifaceted creators, as enchanting beings spellbound in their ambiance. They materialise from the mist, smile twinkly eyed in wisdom and tranquil as the sun warms their skin, she steps into self-assured action, they carry themselves fearlessly and stare right back at you.