Here and Now

26 June - 24 July 2021

At last, after being postponed in January, we are excited to be hosting a group show of selected SSA artists.  Each artist will bring their own vision, ideas and ways of working, but collectively we are certain that this show will be filled to the brim with creativity, colour, sensitivity, boldness and beauty!

As 2021 rolls on and we all begin to venture further afield our thoughts are moving away from the past and, rather than dwelling on what the future may hold, we are instead determined to be firmly in the Here and Now.

With the world in such upheaval it can be easy to get caught up in thinking about the past and worrying about the future. Living in the present and paying attention to the joy and beauty in the world around us at this very moment in time can have positive effects on our wellbeing – our aim is to bring you an opportunity to immerse yourself in the here and now with a show full of art that we are sure will enrich, inspire and provoke positivity. 

We are delighted to be showcasing the work of several very talented artists, some of whom have shown with us before and some who are new to the gallery.


Barry McGlashan / Bronwen Sleigh / Carol Sincliar / Charlotte Roseberry / Christine Sloman / Gayle Nelson / Jana Emburey / Jane McCance / Jessica Copping / Jill Skulina / Joan Smith / Mella Shaw / Olivia Turner / Robert Powell / Alieen Keith