Textures Entwined: Christine Woodside RSW RGI / Charles McQueen RSW RGI

22 May - 19 June 2021

We are delighted to bring together the exuberant, highly atmospheric and richly coloured work of two artists linked not only in life, but also by the inspirations behind their work and by the use of texture in their paintings.

Charles MacQueen and Christine Woodside have both found inspiration for their work in their travels to Morocco, Greece,Italy and France.

Charles MacQueen’s semi-abstract paintings evolve from his experiences, observations and memories of these places which he evokes through texture and play of light and tone. His paintings are infused with the richness of exotic colours and architectural details which conjure up the ambience of a certain place and time.

Similarly, the use of vibrant, rich colour in the paintings of Christine Woodside is inspired by her travels. She creates sumptuously textured landscape paintings using layers of oil, watercolour, pastel and applied Japanese paper. These landscapes are also inspired by the countryside around the couple’s Fife home and they capture beautifully the magical changing of the seasons.

A joyous, rich and evocative show, Textures Entwined celebrates the textures of both life and art intertwined.