Into the Landscape: Dominique Cameron / Anna King / Ian Kinnear / Heather McDermott

10 April - 15 May 2021

Spring is in the air as we welcome you to our second show of 2021  “Into the Landscape”.

For many of us during the past year, contact with nature and immersing ourselves in the landscape near or around us has been a vital escape from the confines of home, an antidote to the feeling of being “locked down”.


It is well documented that contact with nature leads to increased well-being and the benefits of being in nature are manifold. So we want to celebrate our beautiful landscape! Be that the overlooked “edges and outskirts of places where nature and mankind collide” as portrayed by Anna King; the documenting of captured memories of a beautiful landscape experienced through a walk in the countryside as depicted by Dominique Cameron; or, as in the case of Ian Kinnear, the inspiration that comes from the immediate surroundings of a garden.


With this show we bring you slices of nature from three different perspectives, in three highly contrasting styles and take you on an uplifting and enriching journey “Into the Landscape.


We are delighted to welcome Heather McDermott a contemporary jeweller who takes her inspiration from the shoreline on the Isle of Skye