One Square Mile: Claire Harkess / Madeleine Hand / Michele Bianco

28 August - 26 September 2020

We are delighted to bring you a shared exhibition; One Square Mile by Claire Harkess RSW and Madeleine Hand with ceramics by Michele Bianco. This show had originally been planned for late spring and with some quick and fortuitous rearrangements we were able to postpone and not cancel due to the lockdown.


One Square Mile is a beautiful idea conjured by Claire, celebrating nature seen within a mile from her home. Fleeting, surprise sightings rendered fluidly and sparingly are reminiscent of the ethereal quality of nature. Yet keen observation is crucial here in conveying the key characteristics of the spirit of each bird or animal.


Madeleine Hand’s watercolours add a touch of nostalgia and storytelling where place and composition merge into calm portrayals of the patterns and rhythms seen within our Scottish landscape. These are truly delightful paintings by two wonderful Scottish female artists.


Michele Bianco returns to Tatha with new sculptural ceramics which echo the natural folds and forms found on the coast-line of Torridon. They imbue the sense of the history and geology of the area she lives in whilst remaining elegant and desirable objects to be enjoyed in the home.


The beauty found close to home is something we can all relate to and have come to appreciate more in the last few months. We welcome you and look forward to seeing you in the gallery to experience these works for yourselves.