Looking Forward : Forward Looking: John Brown / Helen Glassford / Barry Stedman / Nerine Tassie

2 July - 22 August 2020

We are happy to present our first show post lock down entitled Looking Forward : Forward Looking. It is a statement of our intent and our wish for healthier more uplifting times.  Everyone has had to adapt to unprecedented change and we too at the gallery have altered and moved in alignment with the rules. It is now time to bring art to you once more in a safe, calm and social distancing space.


 This show is full of uplifting, atmospheric and vibrant work. And we are thrilled that you will be able to see this show in the flesh. Contrasting styles of Nerine Tassie, John Brown, Eva Ullrich and Helen Glassford and wonderful ceramics by Barry Stedman will no doubt get the neurones firing after perhaps what could be seen as a fallow period for our visual minds.


The exhibition is primarily landscape based which is perfect antidote for the weeks spent in quarantine. These landscapes will allow you to experience new places from the comfort of our gallery space.  It seems pertinent to reintroduce our ethos here as we firmly believe that art enhance the imaginations and enriches the soul. We hope to see you very soon.