Untamed: Allan Macdonald / Eva Ullrich

28 March - 9 May 2020


Sit back and enjoy our new exhibition from the comfort of your living room. Of course it goes without saying that we would have loved you to have seen it in person with a glass of fizz surrounded by friends. Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you have fallen in love with any piece you see here. All the details of each individual art work are on the artists pages. Due to travel restrictions Allan Macdonald could not deliver his wonderful paintings but fortunately Eva's work was plentiful and as you can see is looking quite beautiful in the gallery. This exhibition comes with our love and thoughts at this difficult time. We hope that you can find a little escapism and calm for a few minutes and would love to hear your thoughts. Many thanks Helen and Lindsay.

Eva Ullrich and Allan Macdonald go in search of remote locations to experience the landscape before them. They explore untouched and untamed places looking at the qualities of light and the special characteristics of place.

High mountains, sweeping vistas and wild shores excite and pathless woods discovering the delights of snow-white twisted birches and the withered bracken underfoot entice. Their painting signatures are unique and polar opposite yet they both speak of the wilder places of Scotland.

Eva’s paintings convey an almost transcendental feeling of lightness and air; form is cleverly conveyed through delicate edges and tone.

Allan ventures to isolated places, often sketching in situ, he draws inspiration from the power of nature. His expressive use of paint captures the energy, rhythms and textures of the landscape and is truly a master of his craft.

Experience is at the source of this exhibition, both for the artist and the viewer.  We invite you to come and join us at Tatha to interact with these story filled paintings and discover the lost and magical places they depict.