Ripple Effect

9 November - 23 December 2019

This exhibition brings together a wonderful array of small scale works from a number of your favourite artists and a selection of new artists. Throughout this year we have all had the pleasure of experiencing the knock-on positive effect that art brings into our lives.  The ripple effect is the perfect way of illustrating our firm believe that art enhances the imagination and enrich the soul.


To further this idea we are also celebrating the ripple effect with our Postcard Project.  Many of you, from age 3 upwards, have kindly created wonderful and imaginative work for us all to enjoy.


Claire Harkess / Dion Salvador Lloyd / Helen Glassford / Madeleine Hand / Michele Bianco / Nerine Tassie / Ruth Brownlee / Stuart Buchanan / Paul Furneaux / Lara Scobie / Sally Toms / David Cass / Chris Bushe / Helen Fay / Dot Sim / Jean Martin