Here is our Arcadia & Orbiteering: Audrey Grant / Alasdair Wallace

5 October - 2 November 2019

Here is our Arcadia by Audrey Grant and Orbiteering by Alasdair Wallace


Two artists Two Shows. A new way to mix Oil and Water.


A two person show case of work by Audrey Grant and Alasdair Wallace winners of the Tatha Gallery Exhibition prize at The Scottish Society of Artists (SSA) open exhibition 2019.

These two outstanding artists have many things in common including: intense dedication to practice and ideas, painterliness and imagination. Their opposing styles and concepts however provide an engaging and energetic counterpoint.


In Audrey Grant’s work images and ideas of Arcadia fold and unfold. Oil paint is repeatedly layered and moulded; powerful emotion is added to the mix to embody the compelling nature of Figure and Sea. They speak confidently of physicality and passion and the process is visible and raw. These paintings beckon with their sensitivity and richness.


Alasdair takes a fascinating approach to paint and concept. Time becomes important giving room for images and ideas to travel and oscillate. His imagery and process is organic; growing and orbiting until it is resolved to ‘make sense.’  The fluidity of acrylic and affinity to his medium brings about fresh and exciting ways of seeing the world.

We are excited to bring this new work to Tatha and we endeavour to mix oil and water to make the perfect visual experience.