Discovery: Angie Lewin / Alex Malcolmson / Jane Keith

31 August - 28 September 2019

The start of our Autumn programme brings a change of focus to the gallery.  We are stepping away from paint for the time being and bringing a new trio to our riverside gallery. We are delighted to be exhibiting the works of Angie Lewin, Alex Malcolmson, and Jane Keith.  On first sight their work is contrasting; printmaking, box constructions and printed textiles yet they hold similar sympathies for the rhythms, stories and the finer details of their surroundings.


Discovery plays an important part of the process. Patterns, colour and texture, both found and recorded, threads its way through their work as does the skill and craft deployed to construct and develop the ideas from the first seeds of inspiration to the final creation.


There is a fascinating discourse within these works ebbing and flowing between Design and Fine Art. However, a label is unnecessary when the creativity and talent is so inspiring.