Passion, Vision & Spirit II: Norman Gilbert

18 May - 15 June 2019

Norman Gilbert returns to Tatha in May after a hugely uplifting and successful show 18 months ago in January 2018.


Norman Gilbert's work inspires and enlightens and is a joy to behold. His highly coloured and sensitively rendered oil paintings depict place, people, patterns and plants. His work crosses boundaries and generations, and it naturally possesses humanity, interaction and authenticity. Those who see his work fall in love with it.


Since his last show we have built up a wonderful relationship with Norman and exhibiting his work once more is a natural development of this. We consider ourselves very lucky to bring his paintings back to Tay Country and we welcome the opportunity to share it with you once again. The 30 works in this exhibition will span his 50-year career, showing the warmth and passion with which, he sees the world.


Norman brings with him a story that touches hearts. So much so the BBC loop produced a short film about him. At the age of 92, after a long, roller-coaster career as an artist, he became the hot ticket of 2018 with art lovers from all over the world making contact with us and telling us how much his work and story are enjoyed. There are those who now describe themselves as 'super fans' and we are quite happy to wear that label too. Norman and his work continue to inspire at a human level.


Passion, Vision and Spirit II will be in Tatha in the light of late spring to be experienced and enjoyed.