Tay Projects

29 September - 3 November 2018

We want to celebrate the pride and the passion that the people of Tay Country have for the region which is truly engaging and infectious. We hope to convey this in our Tay Projects exhibition which features diverse and innovative work by a select group of invited Scottish Artists.


This exhibition is curated to give a multi-dimensional view of Dundee, the River Tay and the area now known as Tay Country.   Each artist brings a unique response to the area through paint, print, photography or sculpture. Individually they reflect upon the social, political, cultural, historical or geographical landscape o fthe Tay and as a whole they celebrate the rich multi-faceted aspects of this special area.


Tatha is the Gaelic word for the River Tay.


Richard Demarco opened the gallery in 2014, giving great endorsement and encouragement to Tatha, he said; “Dundee based artists have cause to think that new beginnings are in the offing –Joseph Beuys reminded me of this truth when first I met him. I think it is justifiable to use this quote in relation to the opening of the first independent gallery for all those artists who live and work on the shores of the Firth of Tay and in the city of Dundee and surrounds- aptly entitled after the name of the silent goddess of the River, TATHA, who has identified with the interface of mythology and history regarding the origins of the river Tay. This new gallery placed literally on the banks of the Tay near to where the ferry the Fifie landed on the Fife coast from Dundee in the days before the Tay road bridge. It will face Dundee’s new museum housing the treasures of Victoria and Albert and therefore its programme of exhibitions will provide an opportunity for Scottish based artists to exhibit their work alongside artists representing the International Art World. I am honoured to be invited to celebrate the opening of this gallery on the 25th April. Instinct tells me that this gallery will become a nodal point on the map linking Scotland with the European continent”.

We are very proud to bring you our 37th Exhibition, Tay Projects. Sitting on the south bank of the River Tay with the now open V&A Museum facing us we are quite sure that the support and exposure for our artists will only increase. The dream to become 'The St.Ives of the North'  is coming into its own and can only get better and brighter.


Kate Downie / Marian Leven / Arthur Watson / Doug Cocker / Derrick Guild / Stuart Buchanan / Ruth Nicol / David Cass / Robert Macmillan / Alan Greig / Calum Colvin / David Mach