Courting the Muse

31 March - 12 May 2018

Courting the Muse

#Landscape #Seascape #Cityscape #Mindscape #Skyscape #Mountainscape #Cloudscape


Five artists

Dominique Cameron, Kim Canale, David Cass, Matthew Draper, Henry Kondracki.

Our third exhibition showcases work by five Scottish artists and offers a generous insight into the inspiring relationship artists have with their muse.


Artists like Picasso or Lucian Freud spent many years obsessively painting the same model.  An artist becomes immersed, doggedly and intuitively finding their voice to express the unrelenting need to depict the liaison and the response they have to it. Separate components of thought, emotion, memory, fact and fiction can come together and be seen.  


Through out history artists, poets, writers and composers have become attached to place and space. As with a special human relationship the process can be fraught with highs and lows whilst they find the perfect vocabulary to express their insights and experience.


We are delighted to host this exhibition for you so that now you can share in that experience.