The Newport Circle

3 April - 16 May 2015

To celebrate our 1st Year Anniversary, Tatha Gallery on the banks of the river Tay, is presenting work by eleven of the most respected exponents of Scottish Art. It guarantees to be a thought provoking and stimulating show.


The gallery’s guiding ethos is to demonstrate the wealth of artistic talent in Scotland and we have discovered that the East Coast of Scotland is fertile and rich with the most inspired and genuine Scottish artists. They are all unique, have their own stories to tell and their own powerful vision.


Each of these artists have been collated for reasons of individuality, they give us unique insights into the flow of Scottish Contemporary Culture. Not only do they stand alone as monoliths and waymarkers, acting and creating inspirational Scottish Art but collectively they, like the standing stones, create a fission and energy that echoes and resonates through the psyche, such is the depth and cleverness of their collective spirits. The hidden circle of European Art.


Grant Clifford / Ronnie Forbes / Joyce Cairns / Will Maclean / Marian Leven / Doug Cocker / Richard Demarco / Frances Walker / Alan Robb / Dawson Murray / Arthur Watson