Pulling the Print: Paul Furneaux / Hetty Haxworth

19 March - 23 April 2016

Today printmaking offers a voice for all contemporary artists to communicate their ideas and to express their identities and their cultures with a foot firmly rooted to past traditions. ‘Pulling the Print’ celebrates both the creativity of the printmaker whilst acknowledging the role that print was the first form of mass media communication. Pulling the print, a technical term for printing, is like the unopened gift, full of promise and expectation. The work of Haxworth, Bloomer and Furneaux is a unique combination of tradition, experience and technique, which reflects the collective knowledge inherent in these experienced printmakers whilst providing a fascinating reflection into the symbiotic influences in Scottish Art. The prints we have on show combine all the elements of collaboration, excitement, skill and communication. Their techniques are all different from detailed expressive woodcuts, colour-full and contemplative mono-prints to precise and Zen-like Japanese wood block printing.  They are organic as is the fantastic nature of printmaking.