Roots and Wings: Ade Adesina / Kirsty Lorenz / Freya Payne

4 March - 15 April 2017

‘Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards’ Soren Kierkegaard


This exhibition introduces three new artists to the Tatha stable. Its central theme revolves around the idea of the marking of time and our natural contemplations of our past, present and future.

It is said that perhaps you can plan your life, change your future and destiny but you can’t alter your roots. The work in this show celebrates this thought. ‘Votive Offerings’ by Kirsty Lorenz depicts bundles of flowers from local Balmerino Woods. These posies of flowers perhaps recognizable from our childhood have a dual purpose they connect us with memories and moments of places visited in our past and they also reflect the fragility of our existence, since all flowers fade in time, yet enhance the powerful, fleeting, beauty of the moving seasons.

Freya’s work connects with the emotional, ritual moments in life’s passage. She is interested how we feel and mark ‘time’ passing. The work itself requires time, a pattern of ‘repeat looking’- of making and breaking associations, to unfold. It asks, how do memory, longing, mourning and dreaming mesh together to give us a sense of place and self?

Her wide-ranging practice brings together paintings, sculptures and prints with a respect and an eye for colour, form and the discipline of making.

Ade Adesina’s exquisite linocuts and woodcarvings capture memories of experience and imagery from his travels and his home country Nigeria whilst commenting upon the idea of ecology and the ever-changing world. He combines imagery from different cultures to entice our minds to embracing the world as one and often touches on the wider global issues of ecology and climate change.

Wherever home is for these artists they view it not as a stationary concrete place but as one that moves and changes with the passage of time. They embrace change and the idea that their roots can also have wings. This fascinating early spring show brings an opportunity of reflection.