22 April - 17 June 2017

As a celebration for our 3rd Anniversary we bring to you an engaging mix of established and emerging artists, showcasing the best in Painting and Sculpture. Introducing seven artists with work so diverse yet there is a weaving thread to entice and enlighten. They all, in their own way help us see and make a deeper connection with the world we live in, both internally and externally. As with the seasons this exciting spring show takes us on an evocative journey. 


David Cass instills the essence of this show perfectly with his thought-provoking and poised reflections on the passage of time. Seascapes are his muse, painted upon found objects which add a deeper sense of history. There is a comment here about human fragility but also human strength, the ebb and flow of existence. 


Jenny Pope’s captivating sculptural pieces are inspired by beachcombing, collecting, bone structures and geology. She has a fascination with the inescapable changes that happen in our internal lives and also externally in our natural environments.

 Madeleine Hand deftly takes us back in history, deeply influenced by Eric Ravilious her contemplative watercolours of fertile and eternally abundant landscapes, fields and farming loans to us a deep sense of optimism and nostalgia.  


 Lucia Gomez offers something quite different; her beautiful and sensitive, simple yet loaded oil paintings allude to a new vision, perhaps a portal of a fantasy world. There is no romanticism here but gently asks us to question the place we belong.


 Jackie Anderson suggests we take look again at the things that overtime have become familiar and therefore invisible. Through lightness of touch and delicate portrayal of the human figure she notices and captures these fleeting moments and places.


 Rachel Gibson a Cumbrian artist who deeply absorbed in nature concentrates and reflects on both the micro and macro aspects of our world. With the delicate handling of watercolour she expresses the fragility of our natural world and the enormity of the bigger picture.


 Helen Denerley brings bold and confident sculptures into the mix, unafraid of material she celebrates the energy and form of  the bird and animal world.  

 Spring is most definitely here