Go Figure!

27 August - 24 September 2022

We are thrilled to be bringing you “GO FIGURE”, gathering together four wonderful artists whose work we have long admired namely;


Graeme Wilcox

Joyce Gunn Cairns

James Newton Adams

Jennifer Watt


Four very different artists working in their own unique styles to represent the human figure and tell the story of - and the culture surrounding – the figures they paint or sculpt.


We will juxtapose the dark, intense, realist and often tension-filled works of Graeme Wilcox with the tentative, delicate and sensitive mark-making of Joyce Gunn Cairns, alongside the faux-naïve, expressionist and often humourous works of James Newton Adams - inspired by the people in his community - and the simple, beautiful forms of the sculptor Jennifer Watt which depict fleeting moments of humanity with sensitivity and clarity.


We think this promises to be a fascinating and very beautiful show.