Beyond Boundaries: Hannah Benassi / Naomi McClure / Sharon Quigley / Rhona Taylor

26 February - 2 April 2022

As always, we strive to share art that inspires passion in us and hopefully in you too. 

As regular visitors to the gallery and online followers will be aware, we love to keep things fresh and exciting and our aim is to showcase Scottish contemporary art across many genres and disciplines, showcasing the work of both established and emerging artists.

For our second show of 2022 we are thrilled to bring you an exhibition of Abstract art by four artists whose work inspires and delights us, namely: Hannah Benassi, Naomi McClure, Sharon Quigley and Rhona Taylor.


Abstract art has been described as a visual poem, it is able to stir your feelings and engage your brain in a way that simply looking at a straightforward representation may not. It is a means of portraying the intangible - emotions and experiences - in a way that can be understood outwith the physical limitations of what we can see with our eyes. 

We are certain that the wonderful work of these four artists will move and enchant you and we look forward to a beautiful, thought-provoking and inspiring show. We invite you to join us in enjoying the experience to the full!